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The My Eventful Life Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

About Me

My name is Stacie Bittle, mom, wife, owner and the creative visionary behind My Eventful Life, LLC.  My background is finance and by trade I am an MBA and a Six Sigma Certified Credit Analyst, however, planning spectacular events is my passion.  I have always loved to entertain at my home, whether for the holidays, birthday parties, graduation parties, you name it.  I have managed multiple projects and I will handle your wedding or event as my  most precious project to date.  Furthermore, I  have always been slated to head up corporate events at work and decided its time!  It's time I share my passion with you.  My background in corporate finance, ensures you will have a finely executed event, well within your budget.

Where I'm From

I come from generations of women who use fine china at dinner.  The table was always "set" at my house and at my grandmother's house.  My daughter has taken etiquette classes.  I have an eye for the most minute detail when it comes to eye catching décor, fine linens, fresh, innovative ideas and simply creating an atmosphere where class, style and comfort is premier.  Your wedding will also be fun, not stuffy but will include some of the latest trends in the industry as I study the latest and most affordable trends at the current moment.  Most importantly, I have contacts with the most professional and qualified vendors in the industry.  They share my passions for planning events that far exceed our clients expectations, making for an impeccable experience.

Why Us?

My Eventful Life is based on one single premise, to provide world class service to those that choose to do business with us.  I will bring a level of professionalism and experience with me that is unmatched. All to ensure your wedding or event is stress-FREE. Your event will be a My Eventful Life event.  One with many facets and intricate details.  It's YOUR eventful life and My Eventful Life is ready!

My Eventful Life