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Is a little prince or princess on the way and you want an out of this world Baby Shower, PUSH PARTY or Gender Reveal? Do you not want to plan your own celebration as your life is too eventful, nor depend on friends or family to do it for you? You know what you want and you know how you want to celebrate the birth of your baby? My Eventful Life can plan your baby shower, or gender reveal. The moment you select me to assist, I also become your hostess. Your friends and family are not burdened with the set up, decor or clean up. My team and I have that covered. Contact me now, to get started on one of the biggest celebrations of your life. The arrival of your baby is to celebrated and then, after the arrival of your baby we will get started on his or her 1st Birthday party! ps. I also do belly casting. Let's get started.

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