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"My" E-Concierge

Do you need a personal assistant on the day of your event? Are you coming into Charlotte and need high end details for your event to make it feel more like home. Do you need champagne delivered to your room and the room of your guests? Is your event planned, you just need someone to assist you with tiny details like airline tickets for out of town guests, getting grandma a car from the airport, pulling a makeup artist out of the sky when everyone else is booked, picking up or dropping off the tux after the wedding. If you answered yes to any of these questions then YOU HAVE FOUND My Eventful Life Concierge Service aka My E-Concierge.

Are you having an intimate dinner party and need a table that will WOW your guests. Are you lacking in the area of creativity, maybe you are a numbers person, you are afraid of a little color and you don't know where to even find the items. I can help YOU!!!! Contact me at and we will get started to create your own personalized portal for your needs, we will get your vision board completed, we will put you in touch with some of the best vendors in town that fit your needs immediately and we will create a timeline. With this service you get a chance to hire a personal assistant for the day, pay for a la carte services, execute LIKE A BOSS. My personal number is below. I answer the phone. Call me to get started.

Do you need fresh flowers delivered to the airbnb you are staying in for the weekend here in Charlotte or any surrounding area? What about custom cocktails, craft beer from one of our local breweries, a fully set table, complete with china and flat ware? Are you in town for the week for work and want to entertain clients in style but don't know where to begin? From reservations, to actually meeting you at my reccommended venue for a walkthrough, I can help you with ALL OF THE ABOVE. Contact me with the most minute details, and I will excecute a plan for you that is personal, unique and most of all exactly what your exquisite taste desires. Leave me your name, number and email address below and I will call you right away to get started.

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